We help children from all walks of life from ages 3 - 18. We go into schools and equip the children with knowledge on how to handle various situations. By educating children we increase their awareness of sexual, physical and drug abuse and can then prevent further incidents
Because we understand that abuse affects everyone in a family environment, we also help parents who are affected by child abuse. We help parents understand what their children have undergone, we also offer counseling and therapy.
We help communities by equipping them with information on how to deal with abuse by running workshops and training. Most of our volunteers are from the communities we help.
How we help:
Comprises intake (psycho-social history), medical assessments, case management and emotional support
Provides forensic assessments, play therapy and support. Pre and post HIV Test counselling for children who have been exposed to sexual violence is included.
The Support Programme for Abuse Reactive Children (SPARC)
A programmed designed to divert young sex offenders away from the criminal justice system to a therapeutic environment.
Psychological assessments
Requested by the Courts.
S.A.F.E for Schools Project
Training of teachers.
A 'Kids Court Support' Programme
Provides children and parents with skills, emotional support and knowledge in preparation for their appearance in court.
Research, Training and Development
Psychological, social and medical research is undertaken at the clinic.